Music Studio

Martin Danchev is a Macedonian music composer/producer born in 1994 in Skopje, North Macedonia. He started his musical journey as a 7 years old kid, learning the piano instrument. In parallel, he kept his interest in exploring fields such as Musical Forms, Composition and Music Harmony, while he was learning about the basics of being an opera singer during his high school years (he finished in “DMBUC Ilija Nikolovski Luj” – Skopje, 2009- 2013).

Then he decided to study at the Faculty of Music in Skopje where he claimed his title Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance – Popular Genres(2013-2017). During his studies, he gained knowledge for Music Production. Combining all the skills he started collaborating with colleagues, directors and marketing agencies working as a composer, sound designer and music producer for National TV Adverts, Short Films, Ambient and Lo Fi tracks which were engaged in both National and International Campaigns.

Attending and participating in many masterclasses, workshops, conferences and online courses inside and outside of his country play a big role in his career development. The most important are:

Envision Sound” (2020) – Kiev, Ukraine (was announced as one of the winners of the programme);
“BIME Pro Conference” (2019) - Bilbao, Spain;
“EuroVox Conference” (2018) - The Hague, Netherlands;
“Faculty of Dramatic Arts”  - Music Documentary Project (2017) – Skopje, Macedonia

HKU University” Music educational programme  (2012-2015)- Skopje, Macedonia;

Work Experience:

CAKA Audiovisual Service and Education - as a Singer & Researcher                             01/10/2013 - 01/12/2015.  (Volunteering   work)

R&R Music Records Limited - as a Music Composer & Producer                                      01/05/2017 - 01/03/2019

Mozaik Production - as a Music Composer/Producer & Sound Designer                       01/05/2018 - 03/11/2020

R&R Music Records Limited - as a Music Composer & Producer                                      19/04/2020 - up to date

I work as a music composer/producer for about 6 years and so far I have composed & produced over 300 Lo Fi Ambient Tracks for different Record Labels, composed music for over 40 Advertisements for National TV and Radio Stations, produced 1 Indie Pop Single, wrote/produced music for 3 short films - documentaries, 6 Jingles for Podcasts and TV Shows, and I have been working as a sound designer for 5 TV adverts. During these years I have developed my own work flow and build a music studio in Skopje, where I do most of my projects.